Search Engine Optimisation

You may have a great website, but how easy is it to find?

We won't just build your site and then leave you to make sure it's visible. We will help you optimise it to make sure it is easily visible to search engines. We can also help with paid for advertising to guide more traffic to your site.

We understand what search engines are looking for and will build your site to optimise visibility, making it easy to find and simple to navigate. After developing your site, we maximise its results by:

  • Creating page and meta information for each page, including page descriptions and keywords
  • Adding descriptions to images
  • Using relevant site headings and sub-headings
  • Optimising pages to aid local or national searches
  • Creating an HTML Sitemap
  • Creating an XML Sitemap
  • Verifying it with Google Webmasters and uploading XML Sitemap
  • Adding a GEO-TAG
  • Optimising URLs to contain key words
  • Submitting it to relevant online directories
We know that business demands change, and your site may need adjustments as time goes by. With this in mind, we can provide an SEO guide for you so that you can manage and maintain meta descriptions and keywords, etc., through our content management system (which is really simple to use) - saving you money in the future.