How can TourDash Help my Virtual Tour?

TourDash is an optional tool which allows a custom overlay to be added to your virtual tour. By combining TourDash with Google Street View business tours, you can interact even further with your viewers by providing targeted information about what they’re seeing and encouraging them to explore the most interesting areas.

Advanced Navigation

If you have a business with different aspects to showcase - a hotel, large retailer or historic building, for example - you can display a menu on your tour with direct links to specific areas. Advanced navigation options allow viewers to jump straight to wherever they want to go, encouraging them to stay on your tour for longer and view features you particularly want them to see.


Hotspots are pop-up windows which present extra information to viewers about what they’re seeing in your tour. You decide where you want these to appear, the format they take, and the details you want them to give. You can also include images, videos, and links to other web content too – perhaps an online form, coupon, reservation page or shopping basket.

You're in Control

You have complete control of TourDash with the ability to input, edit and update your content quickly and easily. If, for example, an item shown in your business tour has 50% off that week, you can instantly create a Hotspot next to the product to inform viewers of the deal. Once the offer has finished, you just remove the Hotspot. It’s that simple.

Tour Analytics

How many people are visiting your tour? How long are they staying? What areas are they looking at? Which products or services are the most appealing? TourDash Analytics gives you all of this information and more, providing you with valuable statistics to help your business.

The Technical Stuff

TourDash is a Google endorsed product which overlays a layer of transparent code onto your embedded virtual tour, allowing you to design and influence how viewers engage with your business. We can set up your access and help you get started or we can create and manage your TourDash for you. Whatever you choose, you’ll be making the most of the latest opportunity to maximise your virtual tour and show your business off to its very best. Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at the tour below to see an example of how TourDash can be used, and visit our gallery for more.

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