Add your tour to your website

Google Street View Trusted
Now you have your finished Google Street View business tour, what else can you do with it?

Firstly, we can provide you with instructions to embed it into your website and/or business Facebook page so that it can reach more viewers. Also, for a really lasting impression, you can turn it into a fully interactive and informational internet experience.

Currently, we offer two different options to make this happen:

1. Google Maps API (Embedded on your website)

Google allows easy copy and paste functionality to embed tours into your website or Facebook page. This costs nothing to carry out yourself, or we can do this for you for a £50 + VAT set up charge.

2. TourDash

The most comprehensive method of embedding your tour on your website is with a custom overlay called TourDash. With three options to choose from, you can insert up to 70 information 'hotspots', add links directly to your website, a shopping basket or a booking engine, plus gather useful analytics on users of your tour. See our gallery of TourDash in action.